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We Are Determined – Meet Survivor and Volunteer K. Russell Ho

K.Russell Ho

January 26, 2016 was the 7th anniversary of my pancreatic cancer operation, called the Whipple procedure and being in remission. Following the procedure, I went through 30 radiation and 18 chemotherapy sessions. There is reason to celebrate, as pancreatic cancer has a 95% mortality rate and only 5% of patients make it past five years of survival. I thank and praise God for my extra 7 years of “new” life.

In the summer of 2008, while sign waving for Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s re-election campaign, I lost 40 pounds. There were some articles in the paper about diabetes – type II, and I had all the symptoms – excessive thirst, frequent bathroom breaks, blurred vision, and unexpected weight loss. My doctor confirmed the diagnosis and I attended diabetes classes, started injecting insulin, and taking blood sugar readings four times a day. However, my doctor was still noticing high numbers for my liver and ordered a CT scan which showed a blockage in my pancreas. He ordered surgery right away. The Friday before surgery was when I learned it was the “Big C” – cancer. Fortunately, it was caught at Stage 1 and there was no sign it had spread.

Through all of this, I praised God for a successful operation, no pain, and a peace that passes all understanding. I want to thank Jesus for dying on the cross for forgiveness of my sins and for all sins, with the hope of eternal life.  Since then I have been able to participate in the Great Aloha Run and I am an avid photographer so have donated my time and service to the American Cancer Society, taking photographs at almost all of their events on Oahu.  Why the American Cancer Society? Because I can, I am DETERMINED.