An Open Seat Could Save Lives

If every open passenger seat was used to drive a patient to cancer treatment, think of the lives we can save. Volunteer to drive today.



Cars For a Cure®

Does ACS have a vehicle donation program?
The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Cars For a Cure®, our vehicle donation program, has been around for years, but became a national program in 2012. Last year alone it raised $2.9 million.

We not only take donations of cars, we also accept trucks, RVs, motorcycles, boats, and trailers.

It couldn’t by easier for donors. Within a day or two of receiving the vehicle’s title, our vendor arranges for the vehicle to get towed — at no expense to the donor. After a few weeks, the donor receives a receipt for their tax deductible donation.

How do people contact us? They can fill out a form online or call us at 1.888.227.5500.

“This year we are working hard to improve customer service through more proactive communication with the towing services during every step of the process, shortening the donation process, and getting the word out to the public through marketing and promotion of the program,” said Kristen Young, analyst, direct marketing, who manages this nationwide program through a partnership with a certified car donation service provider.

We even take junkers! They can be sold for scrap metal. Vehicles in working condition are auctioned.

“The average car donation value for our organization is $800, which is high for the marketplace, and is a testament to our brand recognition and value with donors,” said Kristen. Because our vendor’s costs are relatively low, we get the lion’s share of the donation value.

Learn more here. That’s also the webpage you should direct people to. Its short URL is:

Note: In Hawaii, available only on Oahu.