About Hawaii Pacific Region

The American Cancer Society Hawai’i Pacific works to save lives and create more birthdays in communities across the state of Hawai’i and in Guam. The American Cancer Society Hawai’i Pacific, Inc., is part of a nationwide community-based voluntary health organization whose mission is to eliminate cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.

Simply stated, American Cancer Society Hawai’i Pacific saves lives from cancer in four ways:

1) Helping people stay well by educating them on steps they can take to prevent cancer and find it early;

2) Helping people get well by providing accurate and timely informational, emotional and practical support services;

3) Funding cancer research to further understand its causes, determine how best to prevent it, and discover new ways to cure it; and

4) Fighting back by encouraging federal and state lawmakers to fight cancer by continuing government funding of cancer research, creating smoke free communities and improving access to affordable, quality health care.

History & Offices:

The American Cancer Society Hawai’i Pacific, Inc. was incorporated in Hawai’i in September 1959. The Hawai’i Pacific Headquarters is located in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Four field offices are located in the state of Hawai’i–one each on Hawai’i Island (located in Hilo, serving the entire island), O’ahu, Kaua’i and Maui (serving Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i), and one office located in Guam. Most offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Fridays, closed on Saturday and Sundays.  Please see the Office Locations page for specific office hours.


The Hawaii Pacific blog provides news and information about the fight against cancer. To contact us directly, please send an email to hipac@cancer.org

Tax Information:

American Cancer Society , Inc.

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