A Heartfelt Thank You

As we celebrate this season of giving thanks, we take time to reflect on what we have to be thankful for, including your generous and heartfelt support. This year has brought many challenges for so many of us. It has taught us that resiliency, determination and innovation can change the path that we choose to take.

During this pandemic, we have learned so much about the true meaning of sharing aloha, gratitude, and having strength from cancer survivors, caregivers, volunteers and our constituents. Together we have pushed forward despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Our spirit shined on and brought HOPE to all those who joined our events, gave towards our mission, volunteered precious time and talents, and used our patient services.

We are inspired by your support and dedication to the American Cancer Society. Despite a year of hardships for many, we have made a difference in our communities and are still attacking cancer from every angle. Let us take this momentum, the lesson that this year has taught us, and continue to be bold as we press on in the fight against cancer.

Together we have the opportunity to fund a future without cancer and to travel a road that starts with HOPE and ends with a CURE! We can’t do it without you. It takes a joint effort. We are so thankful that you have joined us on that journey!

Pictured Above are American Cancer Society Staff, Board of Directors Members, Hope Lodge Patients, and Faithful Volunteers.

It is with a heart filled with gratitude that your American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific Staff thanks you for your support.

As a reminder, the holiday season can be a joyous time to be with loved ones and share in the excitement of a new year, but for some, these can also be stressful times. For cancer patients, survivors and caregivers, the holidays and added strain of a pandemic can be a lot to handle.  Your American Cancer Society remains open 24/7, available to you via phone, live chat, and video answering questions about cancer and COVID-19. Give us a call at 1.800.227.2345 or chat us via www.cancer.org

Have a blessed holiday season and a happy New Year!

With Gratitude,
Your American Cancer Society Hawaii & Guam Staff

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