Our Mission at Work

“My name is Hiroko Eovino. I am from Japan and have been living in Hawaii for twenty years. I’ve been volunteering as a wig fitter since the summer of 2015.  I am a breast cancer survivor. My cancer was cured in July of 2013.  I was lucky to have caught my cancer at an early stage.  However, it was an aggressive cancer and my doctor recommended for me to take chemotherapy. Dealing with cancer treatments are tough for mind and body. Especially for females, losing your own hair from chemotherapy treatment is a very emotional moment.  In my experience, wearing a wig that makes you feel comfortable helps the emotional aspect a lot. You get your confidence again. You might be surprised that some hair styles and hair colors you’ve never tried before make you look even more beautiful. I tried many kinds of wigs and hats until my hair grew back and was long again. I studied art and fashion since I was young and I was always in the design business. My sense of design helped me a lot to make myself look good during the cancer treatments. I always thought I would like to share my wig experience and help female cancer patients. As a wig fitter, I meet eight to twelve cancer patients a month.  My happiest moment at my volunteer work is seeing a smile on their face when they find the right wig. This is the moment that they get their confidence back. This is not just one way, it’s both ways. I am also receiving by giving. I am deeply thankful to the American Cancer Society for giving me an opportunity to do this wonderful volunteer work.” 

The American Cancer Society helps cancer patients with the emotional aspect of hair loss by providing wigs, hats, turbans, and other head-coverings, at no cost.  In 2016, over 350 Hawaii patients were served with items from our Gift Closets.  Interested people may call our office, to make an appointment with a trained volunteer, who can assist with wig selection, wig care, scarf styling, and more.  Wig closets are on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hilo.  For more information, please call (808) 595-7500.