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A Short Drive Can Change a Life

While conducting military training, my mother was undergoing treatment for stage four ovarian cancer.  This was the first exposure I experienced of how relentless medical appointments are for those undergoing treatment.  It was exhausting for her physically, mentally, and emotionally to get out of bed let alone drive to appointments.  Meanwhile, I always wished I could support her through the process by simply driving and motivating her to make the appointments.  Therefore, when I found out about ACS driving volunteer program I instantly recognized it as a perfect opportunity to help people who truly need support.

Natalie Karsh, Road to Recovery driver
Natalie Karsh, Road to Recovery driver

Due to Hawaii’s location, many patients family and friends are off island which in turn leaves people with little to no options.  I have volunteered for many organizations over the last ten years and no other experience has been this rewarding.  The patients are all unique with different stories and boundless appreciation for your services.  I have a busy and ever changing schedule, so picking which patients appointment time, pickup, and drop-off location is convenient.  Try it once and you will notice a mere short drive can change someones life.

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