Getting to Know Us – Meet Jan April, Coordinator, Facilities

I joined ACS in 2005 for a few months and then moved on to pursue another job opportunity.  In that short few months, I learned so much of what ACS does and continues to do so well – help people fight and survive this dreaded disease!  Right after I left ACS, my best friend Debbie was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  At that time, my first thought was – I have to call the ACS 1-800 number to register her and see what ACS resources she can use to get her through this diagnosis.

She received transportation services while undergoing chemotherapy and she was able to talk to someone about her condition whenever she needed.  I even told her about clinical trials that may be available. She was able to receive all the information and assistance about her illness quickly because I knew what to do and who to call.  Sadly, there are still many people who do not know what services, help, and support we can provide.

I came back to American Cancer Society now more passionate than ever to ensure that more people know what we do and how we can help support those who are affected by cancer. This is in memory of my best friend, Debbie. I am thankful that I am working for the American Cancer Society.  It has helped me bring awareness to my families and friends about the programs and services we provide.

For resources and support, log on to or call 1-800-227-2345.