Getting to Know Us – Meet Sierra Mayer, Coordinator, Office & Event Support

When I graduated college four months ago, I really had no clear direction as to what I wanted to pursue with my newly earned degree in Community Health. I applied to numerous positions all over the country and figured that I could weigh out my options based upon where I received offers.

At the time, my knowledge of the American Cancer Society was pretty limited. I basically knew it was a huge non-profit and that they held Relay For Life Events. So when the opportunity to work for the American Cancer Society came up, and the position happened to be on my home island, I decided it would be great to move home and enjoy living in paradise again.

It wasn’t until I became an ACS staff member that I realized how present the American Cancer Society has been around in my life and how many people that are near and dear to my heart were affected by cancer. I have friends and family that have cancer, volunteer and donate. But, it wasn’t until I became a staff member that I could fully appreciate and grasp the vision and efforts of ACS. I am grateful that that logical decision to move home has led me to become a part of an ACS staff team that is so passionate in the mission of finding a cure. I would encourage everyone to learn more about the ACS near them and to get involved however they can because cancer affects a lot of people we know and love.