Happy New Year! Focus on staying well

More than 40% of American adults make New Year’s resolutions, and almost half of them keep their resolutions for at least six months. Here are some tips and tools for making those resolutions and sticking to them.

Eat better
• Eat a little less by avoiding oversized portions. For example, the amount of meat recommended as part of a healthy meal is about 3 ounces, or the size of a deck of cards.

Eat Better
Eat Better
• Eat a little healthier by adding more vegetables, fruits, and fiber to your meals and leaving out some of the sugar, fat, and calories.
• Be specific about your exercise goal. For example, instead of resolving to just get more, make a plan to walk 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Quit smoking
• Ask the American Cancer Society to help you quit smoking. Research shows that getting help increases your chances of success. Visit cancer.org/quitsmoking or call us at 1-800-227-2345 and we’ll help you get started.

Learn more about adopting and keeping healthy habits at cancer.org/healthy