The gift of volunteering

Submitted by Christine Hinds, Program Manager, Mission Delivery

Reach To Recovery was adopted by the American Cancer Society in 1969 as one of its nationwide programs, where volunteers are breast cancer survivors who are trained to help breast cancer patients and their families. The Terese Lasser Memorial Award is presented annually to volunteers in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Reach To Recovery Program. The award was developed to recognize exceptional achievement, performance and dedication to the American Cancer Society’s Reach To Recovery program. It honors the memory of Terese Lasser, who started the program in 1952 after her own battle with breast cancer.

This year, the American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific has honored Pali Momi Women’s Center with the Terese Lasser Memorial Award, the highest national award for service in the Reach To Recovery® program. Pali Momi Women’s Center is located on the Leeward side of Oahu, where there are limited facilities that offer ACS services. They have been very supportive of our programs, hosting Look Good Feel Better, as well as an ACS wig closet. Onsite Reach To Recovery has been offered for over a year now, with a visitor present weekly, offering information and education to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Renovations are now underway to construct a private, dedicated, ACS room to provide Reach To Recovery visits and wig fittings to our patients. Congratulations to Nancy Von Borzestowski, Director of the Pali Momi Women’s Center.

Terese Lasser Memorial Award
Terese Lasser Memorial Award