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Volunteer Profile – Cora Yanger Bejado – Finish the Fight Friday

Hafa Adai & Aloha! My name is Cora Yanger Bejado, I am 44 years old and live in Guam. When I am not Relaying, I work at GTA as the Managing Director for Retail & Channel Sales, overseeing 7 retail stores and fulfillment of our prepaid products for our resellers throughout the island of Guam. My past professional roles include Managing Director for Marketing & Communications at GTA and as a Secondary English Teacher in the Guam Department of Education. I also am a small business owner, having just launched Sirena Soul Guam over the last few months and offering ocean inspired and mermaid themed apparel, accessories, jewelry and gifts. We are currently on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram and getting ready to open a small shop in the very near future. I am a wife to Christopher Bejado, also a small business owner, and mother to Camille Celine who is responsible for production of jewelry for Sirena Soul Guam, is a college student, holds a part-time job and has also volunteered her time for ACS. In what little spare time I have, usually late into the night, I am making jewelry, collaborating on designs for shirts, hats and bags, reading, or watching YouTube tutorials to aid my business.

I attended my first Relay For Life in 1997, the year my father died from colon cancer. He hid it from all of us, including his co-workers, because he wanted to make sure he received his full retirement benefits for my mother. He retired in September, went into a coma in December, and died in February. We had no knowledge about colon cancer, no idea where to get help, nowhere to stay in Hawaii except expensive hotels. I attended my first Relay May of the same year. I became more involved with ACS over the last 10 years first as a Team Captain for Relay, then a Co-Chair, then Chair and Advisory Board Member, and now Advisory Board President and Regional Board Member in the HI-PAC Division. More recently, I’ve been Event Lead for the 2015 Relay For Life of Guam and I’ve also been asked to be an Area Lead, providing support for Guam, Maui and Kauai. In addition to the loss of my father to colon cancer, my grandmother also had breast cancer. In 2007, I was found to have the early stages of cervical cancer, which was discovered through my annual Pap Smear. In 2014, I underwent extensive biopsies on my breasts due to findings in my annual mammogram. I am a strong proponent for everyone to get their annual examinations in order to prevent cancer from developing and arming themselves with knowledge because it was through this that I feel that the ACS has saved my life and continues to save lives every day.

It is my HOPE that my fundraising and advocacy efforts will bring us closer to a cure for cancer so that my child and grandchildren will someday know a world without cancer. Please get involved and stay involved with ACS throughout the year. Your efforts can and will help save lives and bring us closer to a cure for cancer.