Sun and moon cards at local businesses support Relay For Life

If you’re out on the street doing some holiday crafting or at home projects, be sure to stop into City Mill or Ben Franklin Crafts and get a Sun and Moon card when you check out. Snap a pic of the creative displays they’re doing and post it on our Facebook page. It’s the help of these local businesses that really make our Relay strong, and keep the message of the Society communicated to everyone. We help people stay well and get well from cancer. And we help find cures and fight back against cancer through research and advocacy.


City Mill

In 2014, City Mill helped raise over $25,000 for the work of the American Cancer Society. Steven Ai, president of City Mill and chair of the Hawaii Pacific board of directors for ACS has been a tireless supporter of our work, helping to leverage countless interactions at our events and through our materials. The staff of City Mill have also stepped up by giving of their time to commit to our events, and by selling the lovely Sun and Moon cards at their points of sale.

Ben Franklin Crafts

Ben Franklin has stepped up year over year in selling the Sun and Moon cards at their points of sale. In 2014 they raised over $15,000. In addition their staff have graced our Relays and other special events with a creative volunteerism. Even now, you can decorate a luminaria bag at your local store and all proceeds of the bag will benefit the Relay event.
Thank you to these supporters and other who help to keep us going to finish the fight against cancer.