Volunteer Profile – Darcy Endo-Omoto – Finish the Fight Friday

Darcy is a self-proclaimed “local girl” born and raised on Oahu. However, since both her parents were born and raised on Maui she considers the “valley isle” her second home. When talking about likes and hobbies she first says, “I love to cook and bake!” In her “spare” time to de-stress, she likes to watch Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and NCIS: New Orleans, and for exercise, core power yoga, Zumba, and power walking with girlfriends, and walking her dog, Buddy, with her husband.
She is currently Vice President of Government and Community Affairs with Hawaiian Electric Company, where she has worked for the past 10 years. Prior to HECO, she was in private practice with Goodsill, Anderson, Quinn & Stiffel focused on regulatory law and government relations.
In 2011, Robbie Alm introduced Darcy to then Chief Staff Officer for the American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific, Jackie Young. Jackie’s personal story of cancer survivorship and seemingly endless energy was such an inspiration to Darcy to want to give back to the community in a meaningful way and she became a member of the ACS Hawaii Pacific Board of Directors.
But that wasn’t the only reason Darcy chose ACS. She too has been personally touched by cancer with her father passing from multiple myeloma, her mother and sister both breast cancer survivors, and her grandmother passing from lung cancer. With that kind of family history, Darcy knows how critical it is for us to fund research to find a cure and for prevention and early detection to ensure her son a cancer-free future.
Darcy HOPES that people will realize that every little bit helps. That you don’t have to make a huge commitment of time or money to have an impact and you get so much in return. She also sees the need to engage the next generation in the efforts of the American Cancer Society to make this cancer’s last century. Let’s finish the fight!