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Hawaii Pacific giving thanks – Finish the Fight Friday 11-21-2014

November rolls around and we start to think of all the people and things we are grateful for here around the ACS offices. From Hanapepe to Kona and Hagåtña to Kahului… along with all the places in between, where we help people to stay well and get well, I have heard so many stories of gratefulness this month. There are big things to be grateful for, like the Great American Smokeout yesterday, that has helped people break the habit for almost 40 years. And there are little things that bring thanks, like sharing a birthday card with our office volunteers, or running into a Relayer on Saturday and sharing a warm hug. From Si Yu’us Må’åse’ to Mahalo to Arigatou to Gracias. Thanks, this is the time of year.

Everyone from a one-time volunteer, to a long-time corporate sponsor is necessary to help us celebrate more birthdays every year. Here are some of the ways we are making it easier, and some the people and organizations that are coming to help.

American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific Volunteers and Staff

High Plains division gala and golf volunteers met in Dallas at the beginning of November to learn more about the ACS mission and how to be an effective distinguished event fundraiser. I am so thankful for the team from Oahu and Maui who joined for two long days of training. Our Hoedown in Kauai and Hope Gala in Honolulu will only benefit from all the new ideas. We may even be unveiling another event in Hawaii for 2015, so keep listening!

The HRelay High School Volunteers Relay summit 2015 American Cancer Society Hawaii PacificIRelay Oahu Volunteers Summit 2015 ACSPAC Relay Volunteers American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific 2015 Summitregional Relay for Life Summit was held Saturday, November 8th led by TIna Noket from ACS Guam. Volunteers from all around Hawaii and Guam came together to learn about the 2015 theme, “30 Years Relay Strong”. Can you believe Relay is turning 30 this year? For the summit, Relay volunteers and staff met each other to get the engine running for what is looking like a spectacular year coming up.

I was grateful to have gotten a few images of volunteers returning and new. There was so much energy at the Summit and in the volunteer led breakouts that we can definitely see the Relay spirit is just getting started. has gotten a tune up!

American Cancer Society WebsiteEvery month, the American Cancer Society has an average of seven million visitors who visit to get answers to help them get well, stay well, find cures, and fight back against cancer.  Site visitors also contribute an average of more than $1 million per month, with over $20 million donated through last year. As part of the ongoing commitment to improving the experience on, new functionality has recently been released that improves the user experience. Some of the recent improvements include:
1. Completely rebuilt search application – We’ve upgraded our search on the site to give you better, faster, and more relevant results.
2. Re-designed search results – We’ve redesigned the search results based on our analysis of how people search on Google and how our site visitors search on our site. You will be able to search the site and find what you’re looking for quickly. We’ve included things like glossary terms, video thumbnails, infographic thumbnails, and better local office results.
3. New content and promotional opportunities – Related search suggestions are now available to help you find the content you need. We’ve also added the ability to show you promotional  links like Relay or Making Strides event sign up pages, based on key words.
I think we can all be grateful for these improvements. Additionally, there are some improvements to our Relay, Strides and community event sites that should be live before the end of the month.  More soon!

You can raise money for the Society every time you shop on Amazon. And, it costs you absolutely nothing!

All you have to do is go to and select the American Cancer Society as your charity of choice. Save that page as a favorite and return to it to make all of your Amazon purchases. Amazon will give 0.5% (one half of one percent) of what you spend – every time you spend – to ACS. It may not sound like a lot –but think of the millions upon millions of people who shop on Amazon.

I am so grateful to have such a huge partner by our side as we move into the end of the year. Reach out any time and share with us what you’re grateful for. Would love to include you in one of our Friday postings.