Stay Well

Choose Play This May to Help Prevent Cancer

Choose PlayRemember the spontaneity and freedom of recess? The joy of taking a break to run around aimlessly, hang on monkey bars, or jump rope with friends? This May, the American Cancer Society is calling on women everywhere to relive that joy by choosing play and increasing the time they spend being active. The decision won’t just bring more fun to your daily routine – it can help you stay well, too.

Regular physical activity is essential for a lifetime of good health and reducing cancer risk. And there’s no rule that says only kids can enjoy it. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be as fun as you make it. Every day offers the chance to get active and choose play. You can:

  • Walk, dance, ride a bike, roller skate, or take up yoga
  • Jump rope, swim, or golf
  • Try volleyball, softball, baseball, badminton, tennis, or racquetball
  • Join friends for a game of tag, hop-scotch, kickball, dodge ball, or Frisbee
  • Play with your kids, take them on a hike, or to nearby parks, trails, and waters

“We know that being active is an essential element of maintaining a healthy weight and helping to reduce your cancer risk, but sometimes getting motivated to go to the gym every day – even every three days – is a lot easier said than done,” says Kimberly Wright, director, mission solutions with the American Cancer Society. “We all need a little push to get into our workout and one of the easiest ways to meet this goal is by doing something that feels less like working out and more like fun.” 

A lack of physical activity can take a toll on our happiness, productivity, and health. That’s why the American Cancer Society is issuing a challenge to women everywhere: Choose play in May and help us log 100,000 acts of physical activity by the month’s end.

This challenge is part of the Society’s national Choose You® movement, which inspires women everywhere to live well today – so they can stay well tomorrow. We know that 1 in 3 women will get cancer in her lifetime. Yet the good news is that a substantial number of those cases could be prevented if people maintained a healthy weight, lived a physically active lifestyle and ate a healthy diet; avoided tobacco products; and got recommended cancer screening tests. The Choose You movement is designed to take the cause of cancer prevention to a new level, one that empowers women to join in making their own health a priority, and supports them with simple tools and practical tips to live a healthier life.

“It’s essential to find an activity you like,” says Wright. “There are so many options. If you’re not the gym type, walk around your neighborhood or try activities around the house, such as walking up and down stairs or ‘dancing with the stars’ in your living room. If you’re motivated by being social, join a team. The important thing is you’re moving.”

This month is a great time to get moving by choosing play – and to join the Choose You movement to help you achieve your personal health goals. Make a commitment to your health today and help us reach our goal of 100,000 acts of physical activity by visiting or calling 1-800-227-2345. The American Cancer Society has the tips and tools you need to live a healthier life.