Sweets Wright, Nanakuli, HI

Sweets Wright was certainly no stranger to cancer.  The disease claimed the lives of her father, grandmother, and aunt, and even toucher her mother and sister, both whom are breast cancer survivors. And then, cancer came for Sweets, not once, but three times.

In 2006, at the advice of her sister, Sweets entered the emergency room after unusual bleeding, pains and altered taste buds.  Six hours of tests later, Sweets was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer.

One month later, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  And in 2007, she was diagnosed wtih breast cancer.

With the support of her husband, daughter and son, who were her caregivers, along with her seven brothers and sisters, Sweets found the strength she needed to become a survivor.  Today, all her cancers are in remission.

Sweets, who raised her family in Nanakuli, was very close to Rell Sunn, a pioneer in women’s competitive surfing who died in 1998 after a 14 year battle with breast cancer.

“Watching Rell fight her cancer gave me the strength to fight my cancer,” says Sweets.  “Having cancer is a fight that is hard to win, but when you have the support around you, it makes the fight easier.”