Sharon Asato, Breast Cancer survivor & volunteer

“Are those your real eyelashes? They look fake!”

As a breast cancer survivor and volunteer for the American Cancer Society Look Good…Feel better program, Sharon Asato knows how high of a compliment that is.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, all Sharon wanted to do was run home.  however, her boyfriend convinced her otherwise.

“He took me straight from the doctor’s office to the American Cancer Society,” she said. “Without them, I would’ve been worse off.”

Sharon decided to take a Look Good..Feel Better class.  During the session, she discovered more than just makeup. “It’s a time for women to laugh, relax a little, and talk with other women who are going through the same thing,” she said.

Now, Sharon is a certified Look Good…Feel Better facilitator.  “Whenever I take my days off, I have my doctor dates, my dentist dates, and my Look Good…Feel Better class dates,” she jokes.

Armed with makeup bags, advice and personal anecdotes, Sharon provides women in cancer treatment with a mini getaway from the real world.  She teaches them to style their eyelashes to look as great as hers, but more importantly, allows them the opportunity to speak with other individuals who are experiencing the same things.