Find Cures, Learn About Cancer

Kehau Matsumoto, Niu Valley, HI

Lillian Kehau Matsumoto has been diagnosed with breast cancer four times since 1992.  Instead of succumbing to the disease, Kehau channels her energy into volunteering for the American Cancer Society as a legislative advocate.

Many of the most important cancer decisions are made not just in the doctor’s office, but in the state legislature, in Congress and the White House.  Every day, government policymakers make decisions that affect the lives of more than 11 million cancer patients and survivors, their familie and caregivers, and all those at risk of developing cancer.

“By working with our lawmakers to pass laws,” says Kehau, “we can affect the lives of millions of people.  We can provide the funds for a researcher to find a cure for cancer.  We can stop people from getting cancer.”

In 2006, Kehau flew to Washington D.C. to join thousands of others at Celebration of the Hill.  As an official American Cancer Society Ambassador from Hawai’i, Kehau urged Hawai’i’s Congressional delegates for more funding and support for cancer research.

A four time cancer survivor, Kehau shares her personal cancer sotry wtih lawmakers so they understand what it’s like having and battling this disease.  Kehau puts a face to this battle.  She makes this battle real and personal for the lawmakers she meets.  With every law she is able to help pass, she helps others become a survivor like her.