Davelynn Hubbard, Maili, Hawaii

Achy, body, bloody nose, dry skin, hair loss–Davelynn Hubbard experienced it all.  Her breast cancer journey began in 2009, the same year her mother was also diagnosed.

Davelynn was at work when she received her biopsy results.  At the time, fear was her biggest enemy.  her husband was ready to get her started on treatment, but Davelynn was consumed with her own thoughts.  She was scared and unsure.  “Cancer is one of those things you just associate with death.  You don’t always hear the success stories.”

For Davelynn, knowledge became her best friend.  She called the American Cancer Society’s 1-800-227-2345 number where she was given information about the Road to Recovery program, Look Good…Feel Better classes and teh Gift Closet.  She scheduled an appointment with the American Cancer Society’s Gift Closet, with the intention of only getting hats and scarves.  “I didn’t want a wig because I didn’t want it to look fake,” she jokes.  Surprisingly, Davelynn left that day with a wig in hand.  Now, she encourages other women to call the American Cancer Society and visit the Gift Closet.

Smiling, outgoing and confident, Davelynn recommends the American Cancer Society programs and services to other cancer patients whom she comes across.  According to her, it is the support from her family, various groups and the American Cancer Society, that has helped her through her cancer journey.