Darci Ludington, Breast Cancer survivor

A person’s 20s are supposed to be a time of excitement and exploration.  A decade of discovery as they transition from school life to real life.  But cancer is obliviouis to these milestones.

Darci Ludington was 28 years old, and pregnant with her second child, when she felt a lump in her right breast.  She visted her doctor for what she thought was a clossed milk duct.  It turned out to be breast cancer.

“I just wanted the cancer out of my body,” Darci says. She asked her doctor for a double mastectomy.  Her doctor recommended against it, and four days after her cancer diagnosis, her doctor performed a mastectomy of her right breast.

One month later, and a week after giving birth to her second daughter, Darci began chemotherapy.  “My husband was the best caregiver I could ever ask for,” Darci recalls.  “However, if you’re never had cancer, you don’t know what to expect.”

Darci contacted the American Cancer Society for help.  Through the Society’s Reach to Recovery program, Darci was paired with Tracy, a breast cancer survivor.  While the doctors answered the medical questions, Tracy offered Darci hope by sharing her experience of her cancer journey.

Reach to Recovery offered Darci answers, support and hope.  Nothin could have ever prepared Darci for her battle with breast cancer.  However, with her husband by her side and the full support of the American Cancer Society Reach to Recovery program, Darci is now a survivor and proud mother of three beautiful girls.