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American Cancer Society Co-Sponsors I Can Cope Cancer Education Program

I Can Cope logoI Can Cope is a free educational program for adults facing cancer – either personally, or as a friend or family caregiver. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about what is happening during cancer diagnosis and treatment, the better equipped you will be to handle each step of the journey. The I Can Cope program gives participants an opportunity to share their concerns with others having similar experiences and to design ways to cope with the challenges that arise from a cancer diagnosis. Guest speakers include professionals in the field of cancer management. In addition, videos, print materials, and class discussion provide up-to-date information for patients, family, and friends.

There is no charge for attending I Can Cope classes. You do not need a doctor’s referral, but for planning purposes pre-registration is required.  I Can Cope classes will be held on Oahu at First Presbyterian Church and Queen’s Medical Center.

First Presbyterian Church (Koolau Golf Course, 45-550 Kionaole Road)
To register, call 595-7504
All classes at this location are from 6:30pm-8:00pm
Click on the link to view the flyer for classes held at this location

Queen’s Medical Center, Queen’s Cancer Center
Kamehameha Auditorium & Lounge
To register, call 537-7117
All classes at this location are from 5:00pm-7:00pm
Click on the link to view the flyer for classes held at this location

April 7 Celebrating Life First Presbyterian Church
April 20 Keeping Well in Mind and Body Queen’s Cancer Center
April 21 About Cancer First Presbyterian Church
May 5 Understanding Cancer Treatment First Presbyterian Church
May 18 Communicating Concern and Feelings Queen’s Cancer Center
May 19 Managing Fatigue and Pain First Presbyterian Church
June 2 Nutrition During Treatment First Presbyterian Church
June 15 Exploring Self Esteem and Intimacy Queen’s Cancer Center
June 16 How to Navigate the Medical System First Presbyterian Church
July 7 Financial Planning and Money First Presbyterian Church
July 20 Taking Charge of Money Matters Queen’s Cancer Center
July 21 How Spirituality Helps First Presbyterian Church