Relay For Life

Calling All Relayers – We Need Your Help

As Relayers, we have all faced our share of fund-raising challenges this year. Now we’re only days away from the end of this year’s Relay season and our fiscal year.

Our ability to serve all of our 3,600 patients next year in the most impactful way will be decided by how we finish our fund-raising efforts in the next two weeks. In order to meet our budget for next year, we need to raise $200,000 by August 31st.

We’ve recorded a message to let you know what’s at stake and how you can help ensure we will get over the finish line.

Please, watch this video — and help spread the word.

As we near the final weeks, we need to get the word out about what your fund raising efforts mean for the cancer patients in Hawaii and Guam.  As always, supporters like you are the most effective messengers.

When we needed to get out our message prior to your Relay, we turned to you.

Now, we’re turning to you one more time, to help us get over the final hurdle so that we won’t let a single cancer patient go without vital services.

If there is someone on your email list that you didn’t ask for a donation, please email this video to them T-O-D-A-Y!

Mahalo and Dangkulo na Si Yu’us Ma’ase.

Follow this link to learn more about Relay For Life events in your area.