Stay Well

Choose You

A Commitment


As part of the Choose You movement, women are encouraged to sign a Choose You Commitment, an online pledge to reach a specific, individual health goal. At, women can choose from five different health categories: Eat Right; Get Active; Get Recommended Health Screenings; Protect Your Skin; and Quit Smoking. Participants give a minimum five dollar pledge once they sign a Choose You Commitment to incentivize them to stay on track. They can also ask friends and family to support them. Scientific research suggests that women who have a “stake in the game”, as well as social support from friends and family are more likely to be successful at accomplishing personal health goals. Choose You participants and visitors to will have access to online support and tools such as a calorie calculator, virtual dietitian, nutrition and activity quiz, smoking cost calculator, prevention and early detection videos, and a desktop helper with daily health tips.