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American Cancer Society to Launch Choose You Movement to Help Women Take Action to Prevent Cancer

Celebrity Ambassador, Actress Ellen Pompeo, and National Sponsors Sprite Zero and Walgreens, Will Rally Women Nationwide


The American Cancer Society, the nation’s largest voluntary health organization, today launched a new nationwide movement to shine the spotlight on a sobering statistic: one in three women will get cancer in her lifetime. Choose You ( is designed to inspire women to take action and put their health first in order to stay well and help prevent cancer.


Actress Ellen Pompeo, star of “Grey’s Anatomy”, kicked off the American Cancer Society’s Choose You initiative this morning in New York at an event in Times Square, along with national presenting sponsors Sprite Zero and Walgreens. Pompeo “powered up” the Choose You flower icon on the world’s largest digital sign, the Walgreens Times Square Billboard. The marked the start of the nationwide effort to encourage women across the country to do something they almost never do – to “choose themselves first” so they can stay well and reduce their risk of cancer.


As a busy actress, wife and new mom, Pompeo knows firsthand how important it is for women to put their health first. “My daily schedule is quite hectic, but I have to put my health first in order to be the best mom and wife I can be,” said Pompeo. “Choose You offers a powerful new platform to help women adopt healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent cancer.”


According to the American Cancer Society, about half of all cancer deaths could be prevented if people maintained a healthy weight through diet and regular exercise; avoided tobacco products; and got recommended cancer screening tests. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to incorporate these healthy behaviors into a busy lifestyle. In fact, a new national survey of approximately 2,000 women ages 25-64 revealed that they are so busy being caretakers of others, they have little time to take care of their own health.


“Women hold the keys to cancer prevention because they are the Chief Medical and Chief Operating Officers of their individual households. But they really struggle to make their own health a priority,” said Elizabeth T.H. Fontham, M.P.H., Dr.P.H., immediate past volunteer president of the American Cancer Society. “We are launching Choose You to help motivate women to prioritize their health and engage in lifestyle behaviors that can help reduce their cancer risk. By committing to their health, these women will be better able to care for their families and serve as role models for their children, families, and friends.”