Fight Back

ACS Government Relations Gears Up for the 2010 Legislative Session

With a looming state budget deficit of $1.2 billion, our legislature and governor will be working hard to resolve this crisis. We expect that we will see more taxes, more state employee layoffs, and additional cuts to health and social service programs.


However, all is not doom and gloom. We believe that this is the year in which we will finally see legislation providing colorectal cancer screening services for all of our state residents. In addition to advocating for passage of this measure, your government relations department and ACS CAN advocates will be urging our state legislators not to encroach upon special funds used for cancer research and treatment, as well as monies for tobacco prevention and cessation services.


Opening day of the legislature will be on January 20th. If you would like to visit the Capitol that day and join our government relations advocates in visiting legislative offices, please email George Massengale.  We always have room for one more.